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CheckmarkSave time in the garden
CheckmarkGrow strong root systems
CheckmarkGet more harvest by using space efficiently
CheckmarkNever overwater your seedlings again
CheckmarkTransplant your seedlings 80% faster
CheckmarkNever replace your seed trays again

No, I like my weak seed trays.

More harvest

Extend your season by starting indoors and start seedlings before your garden is ready.

Better root system

No more curled-up roots that stop the plant growth. A patented design that promotes growth.

Transplanting faster

Getting your seedlings out is faster than dropping a seed.

Made with recycled materials

To minimize the footprint recycled materials are used. Why we used plastics?!

Last up to 15 years

Since the trays are so durable they will last up to 15 years. No more replacing every year.

Never overwater

Your seedlings will never be overwatered again, preventing rotting and molds.

Many cell sizes

One size does not fit all, so we have a cell size for every plant you would like to grow. 

Find your tray

What would you like to grow? Let us help you pick with our seedtrayfinder

UV stabilized Polypropylene

This makes them safe for the plant, the environment, and the user.

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Finally a fun garden community

Finally, a group that helps and supports each other. Every free group (e.g. Facebook) is filled with internet trolls and moral tyrants. I just want to grow and learn how to eat from my garden. This is exactly the community I was looking for!

Anne Mulder

My vegetable garden is my rest

Learned so much already!

I learned more than I expected to learn on The Farm Dream. Not just from the Masterclass but also from the people in the community. Everybody is really helping out and supporting my first vegetable year.

I’m so glad I chose to join the community, thank you so much!!!

Merel Spin

I want to learn by doing, but I need some help!

My best seed starting ever

One of the few communities that come with easy-to-follow and to-the-point garden advice. Small tips and tricks go a long way if you combine them all together. Impressed with the quality of the masterclasses.

Jeremy Meijer

Small scale backyard gardening

How to use sturdy seed trays

How do you use a sturdy seed tray with 100% success guaranteed?

Learn together with your garden friends

Gardening is joyful and easy when you know the little tips and tricks that make it successful. This is exactly what you will learn in our Masterclasses

We know how hard it can be to find all the correct information about gardening. that’s why we took it upon ourselves to create masterclasses that give you all the ins and out on one subject at a time. Creating an easy-to-navigate and quick-to-learn platform.

Ask all your gardening questions

We know how hard it can be to find answers to your gardening questions. Especially with all the contradicting information online. Why not just ask more experienced gardeners?

Want to know more about a pest in your garden? Snap a picture and ask! Not sure when you should water your garden? Someone in the community will have the answer! Found a tray with seedlings but don’t know what it is? Show the community what you are looking at and let us help!

Share, chat and watch everywhere

Almost everything in life is more fun when shared with like-minded people. By using the app you can connect with fellow gardeners from any place at any time.

Share pictures directly from your phone, activate notifications to keep in touch, and grow your best garden year by learning everywhere you go.

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