Ranunculus – Silky White


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Ranunculus – White
There is a special feeling with white flowers. The soft white ranunculus gives you an innocent and pure feeling, floating on their fresh green stems. Imagine the endless combinations you can make with these white ranunculus and all the spring flowers and blossoms you can find in your garden.

After your purchase, you can choose to join our ranunculus grow-along. Together we will grow our ranuncs step-by-step with detailed videos and pictures. Via an e-mail, you can sign up for free.

When to plant
Autumn start: Start combs in the Autumn in a greenhouse or cold frame in seed trays or small pots. Plant out in a greenhouse or low tunnel in late January to flower in March. Or plant outdoors but protected from heavy rain around the end of February. If the temperature drops below -10 C. you will have to protect the plants with horticultural fleece.

Late winter start: Plant in late winter (beginning of February) in a greenhouse, small cold frame, or small plastic propagator in seed trays. Plant out around the end of March/early April outdoor. Plants will flower in May.

You can not start this variety of cut flower ranunculus much later than mid-February if your last frost date is around mid-May. The plants will not have enough time to develop before summer arrives. they are cool-weather plants. If your last frost date is earlier or your summer (+25C.) starts sooner, start your ranunculus in the autumn.

The rule of thumb is to space them about 20 to 25 cm apart. I plant 4 plants next to each other on a 75 cm flower bed with 4 to 5 per 1-meter bed length.

Package contains: 10 bulbs or corms of White ranunculus
Expect about 50 flower stems

Cut Flower
Ranunculus is very strong in the vase. If you change the water regularly and don’t place them in the sun or near the heating, they can stand up to 10 days in the vase! The flowers open in the vase, revealing their countless petals. 

Choose the moment you start your ranunculus based on your climate zone.

If you live in The Netherlands or similar climate:
If you have a cold frame or a greenhouse you can plant the tubers in the fall and late winter. You can also make a low-budget cold frame. If you don’t have a greenhouse or don’t want to be busy watching your plants all winter, you can plant them in late winter (early February). After 3 months of development, depending on the weather, your ranunculus will flower for about 6 weeks. Keep picking the flowers and the plants will develop new buds.

Start the bulbs by soaking in water for around 3 hours. after you have soaked the bulbs you will have to keep them frost-free for two weeks until you see roots emerging.

The soil should not be waterlogged. The bulb and roots will start rotting if your soil is not free draining. You can prevent this by adding potting soil, or compost mixed with playing sand to raise your garden beds. If your beds are still too low or you are on very heavy clay you can create some raised beds with wood.

When the temperatures begin to rise (25+ C.), the plants will go into dormancy. By shading the plants you can extend the flowering period a little.

Ranunculus can also be grown in pots. Plant a maximum of 3 plants in a 15-liter size pot. Do give them regular plant nutrition and start with fresh potting soil. Make sure that the soil does not dry out.


Weight 45 g


Plant type

Half-hardy annual

Plant distance

15 – 20 cm

Flower height

45 – 60 cm

This is the one

Ranunculus – Silky White


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