Medium Grow Kit


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Medium Grow Kit – perfect to start your growing adventure – save €12,50!
If you have a medium size garden and grow seedlings on a windowsill or under a cold frame then this is the perfect kit for you!
With the most sold 40 cell seed tray you can start all your seeds. The cell size is also perfect for multi-sowing beetroot, leeks, and spring onions.

With the green bottom water tray, you can place the seed trays on your windowsill without fear of water damage or dirt.
The bottom water trays can be used to water seedlings from below (to prevent damage) or as drip trays.

after you have sown the seeds you can remember what is where by writing the names with a pencil on your packages of 25 reusable plant labels. You also get a pencil with an eraser.

All the hard work is done, time to harvest your flowers, fruits, and vegetables with the additional harvest scissor.

This medium grow kit contains:
2 of the most used 40 cell seed trays;
2 matching green bottom water or drip trays;
– A package of 25 reusable plant labels;
– A harvesting scissor for flowers or vegetables.



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Medium Grow Kit


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