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Sturdy durable Seed Trays

A seed tray that is made to help you in the garden. they are easy to fill, carry, water and transplant. It’s finally fun to start your seeds indoors or in the greenhouse. The trays are also made from recycled materials, will last up to 15 years, and over time are way cheaper than replacing cheap flimsy ones every year.


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Not sure which seed tray you need?

We’ve designed a search bar for you to help with that. Just type in what you want to grow and our smart search engine will tell you what seed tray is best to start your seeds in.

Seed trays

Buying a seed tray

Almost all vegetables and flowers grow better if you can sow them in the perfect conditions. This way you can give them exactly the right nutrition, temperature, amount of water, and light for optimal growth. And you won’t have to deal with snails, birds eating your seeds, or a rainstorm that washes away all the seeds.

But which tray should you use for growing plants? By looking at which plants you want to grow and how many you would like to have you can get an idea of which seed tray suits you best. Do you mainly grow cabbages? Take a look at our 40 cells deep seed tray. Are you more into Beetroot and onions? The 40 cells shallow module trays is better suited for that. If you want to grow flowers instead of vegetables, look at our 77 cells shallow and 77 cells deep.
If you still have doubts, use our seed tray search engine. Type in what you want to grow and the search engine will advise which trays you can use best to sow plants in. It also recommends in which seed tray you can transplant the young seedlings afterwards.

How to use a seed tray

A seed tray is used to propagate plants before they go outside. Fill up a tray with compost or seed starter mix. Add some water to the compost so the seeds are motivated to germinate. Poke one hole per cell and plant seeds according to the seed package. Once the seeds are in and covered when needed, place the seed tray in your greenhouse or on a window sill.

After some time seedlings will grow and show their first leaves. Give them light and water until they are big enough to transplant.

Why our seed trays?

All the Seed Trays are made out of high-quality materials.
With a technique called injection molding, we can use recycled materials. The trays are made from UV stabilized Polypropylene. This makes them safe for the plant, the user, and the environment.

Made to last more than 15 years

We’ve all probably bought seed trays before in a garden center. Soft plastic materials that break and tear after sometimes only one use. The Containerwise trays are made to last. Because of the use of hard plastic, it won’t break or tear on normal use. You can even accidentally drop them a few times and still be safe.

Easy to use module trays

Next to being made from good quality materials, they are way easier to use. You can fill up a tray completely with compost and still hold the entire tray with one hand without it breaking. Next to that, the ease of transplanting is even better. Because of the big holes, you can just push out seedlings with your finger. No need to pinch the cell or push in the plastic.

One size that fits all

All Containerwise trays have the same outer dimensions. This means you only need one size bottom water tray. Or if you create a growing rack they will all fit. Making them way more versatile than most seed trays in the market.

Good drainage capabilities

Believe it or not, most people overwater their plants. The big holes in the bottom of the module trays prevent this from happening. All excess water can drain away safely. You can also use these big holes to bottom water your plants with the bottom water tray.

Different cell sizes for different uses

With currently 9 different varieties of the Containerwise trays available there is one to suit every need. From lettuce to beetroot to lavender and sunflowers. Want to know more about what tray you need? Use the seed tray finder

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